CloudShield EncryptSync

CloudShield EncryptSync 1.3a

Encrypt Your Files to Safe Cloud Upload

Encrypt Your Files to Safe Cloud Upload

Make your life simpler with this uncomplicated tool. The elegant and intuitive interface of this Program, encrypt and "Synchronize" your files without efforts or advanced knowledge, bringing a strong AES256 cryptography

The Cloud Services like "OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, ZipCloud, myPCBackup" among others, upload Data in Secure Way, but store your files in Clear Text Mode to offer a second layer Services.

The Cloudshield EncryptSync, make sure that your Files will be Encrypted and Updated prior Cloud Services Upload your Data.

This Software is Free and Handle up to 1.000 files.

Download Full Version that handle more than 1.000.000 files.

Customize CPU or disk priority values and use an encryption key file

This application allows you to set your desired parameters regarding CPU and disk usage percentages so that it does not interfere with other important active processes.

Additionally, instead of typing a password, it is possible to create an encryption key file on your computer and use it to lock and unlock documents. However, note that losing the key-file renders your documents unusable, as there is no other way of decrypting them

To sum it up, CloudShield EncryptSync is a handy application that allows you to encrypt files on your computer and upload them on a cloud storage of your choice. It comes with a smooth user interface, intuitive function

Different of other Cryptography Softwares. The CloudShield EncryptSync Automatically detect any files change, and take care to encrypt your Files before Cloud Upload.

The CloudShield EncryptSync is featured with Strong 256 bits AES Alghorithim "Suite B Cryptography" by NSA Recomendation Top Secret Data.

This tool is also FIPS 140-2 aware taking advantage of Windows certification CMVP BY NIST Institute

CloudShield EncryptSync


CloudShield EncryptSync 1.3a

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    I'm very happy with this tool:).
    Easy to use because reencrypt files automatically without manual intervention..   More